In italy, high quality means beauty
In Italia, l’alta qualità diviene bellezza
In Italy, high quality means beauty

Company.Our mission is reliability

O urs is a craft, not just a job! We produce special pasta, including co-packers for pasta factories and private labels that make use of our know-how for the production of special formats and unique products, requiring high attention to details without compromising the quality and the production process.

Unique characteristics of our products


  • Dried on trays

  • Dried for at least 6.5 hours

  • Maximum temperature below 70 degrees Celsius

  • Cooled at ambient temperature

  • Processing waste reused in the production: 0%


Our assets


  • Transparency as to the origin of the raw materials we use

  • State of the art technology to grant competitive prices

  • Ongoing controls on the finished products to avoid claims

  • Timely service, as specified in our quality manual

  • Extreme possibility to customize products according to our customers’ needs



Tradition of quality.Hands in pasta dough since 1929

O ur products are very high quality because we use durum wheat semolina that mainly comes from Italy and Italian fresh eggs. We also dry them on trays for a very long time at a low temperature.
This choice is against the present trend of drastically reducing the drying time and increasing the temperature, even though the final quality is lower.

History of our brand.

  • Small_pasta_del_grappaMINI



  • Small_PASTA_RIGO_old



  • Small_RIGO_simple



  • Small_marchio_rigo_grande



  • rigo_new



  • Senza_glutine



  • Integrale



  • Integrale



Durum wheat products.Durum wheat semolina Pasta and Egg Pasta

CannelloniDurum wheat semolina and egg
LasagneAvailable with or without egg and spinach
ManicottiDurum wheat semolina
ConchiglioniDurum wheat semolina
FettuccineAvailable with or without egg, spinach and tomatos
TagliatelleAvailable with or without egg, spinach and tomatos
TaglioliniAvailable with or without egg, spinach and tomatos
Capelli d'angeloAvailable with or without egg and spinach

Gluten free products.Gluten free pasta

LasagneMixture of corn flour and rice
TagliatelleMixture of corn flour and rice

Wholemeal products.Whole durum wheat Pasta

Lasagne integraliWhole durum wheat semolina

Biological products.Biological Pasta

Cannelloni BioBiological durum wheat semolina
Lasagne BioBiological durum wheat semolina
Any product can be enriched with vitamins.

Would you like to receive further information about our products?

We would be pleased to send our technical specifications upon request

Certifications.We can grant high quality certified pasta

O ur company is BRC and IFS certified at the highest level and it has been approved by the most renowned pasta making companies in the world for the production of private label pasta. Furthermore, we can provide a certification of all the characteristics of our products for each single supply by means of our internal laboratory. Drying time and temperature used are always at our customers’ disposal.


Pastificio Rigo Spa follows the SA 8000 guidelines (ethically correct behaviour of the company and the production line towards employees).
We are implementing our environmental management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 scheme, aiming in particular to control and reduce environmental impacts:


  • Since 2010, thanks to many surveys and analysis on water consumption and its related technical investments, the company has reduced its use of 65%

  • The company evaluates its suppliers in order to guarantee its customers the possibility to use certified FSC, PEFC or recycled packaging

  • The company pursues a correct and optimal management of garbage and by-products according to reuse and recycle principles

  • The company deepens surveys about its own consumptions and production processes with the perspective of resources optimisation and environmental impact minimisation


Who we are.Our family is our asset

O ur company was first established by Giuseppe Rigo, Carlo’s son, in 1929, together with his children Mario and Napoleone. Their children, Arrigo and Alberto took over the business, which was then continued by their children. We are an industrial enterprise, nonetheless, we always bear in mind that we come from the craft sector, which has always been a source of inspiration for us, even though we now match it with the most cutting edge technology, thus achieving a state of the art product quality and process safety level, which are fundamental for the food industry.

Quality control

Making pasta is just half of our job.
The other half consists in carrying out internal and external analyses and controls to make sure that our products meet our customers’ requirements.


As to the characteristics of the products, each customer has different needs.
The size of our company allows us to be fully flexible to meet any need.


It is a fundamental aspect of our process and our quality system.

Contacts.Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal!